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Bug#178988: anna: list of alternatives longer than screen

clone 178988 -1
retitle -1 shows multiple versions of packages
reassign 178988 cdebconf-udeb

Please don't report multiple bugs in one bug report.

On Thu, Jan 30, 2003 at 01:11:25AM +0200, era eriksson wrote:
> I'm only just acquainting myself with the sarge installer CD which was
> announced in this week's DWN. Sorry if I'm reporting a bug against the
> wrong package; I am under the impression that anna is responsible for
> the actual prompts I see (and the bugs reported against it/her seem to
> confirm this) but I only just started to try to understand the new
> installer and I apologize if I have jumped to incorrect conclusions.

This should be fixed in cdebconf, since it is actually showing the

> When I get to Load installer modules (fetch from CD), I am presented
> with a listing of 40 entries. This is impossible to view because the
> screen is only 24 lines and each entry takes up at least one line.

For the moment, you can work around this by using Shift-PageUp and

> There seem to be duplicates which only differ in their minor version
> number, could they be collapsed to one entry somehow perhaps? (Also it
> would be nice if these were adjacent in the listing so it's easier to
> spot the duplicates, if you can't collapse them into one entry, that
> is.)

This is a bug in anna.

> The lack of a more(1) or similar makes it challenging to look at
> what's on the system -- I have been doing sed -n 1,24p etc on files
> that look interesting but if I happen to look at a binary file,
> chances are it will shift the console's character set into graphics
> mode and then I will have to reboot in order to proceed (or drive
> blind, which is of course also an alternative).

You don't have to reboot; type

 echo ^V<ESC>c

with ^V and <ESC> standing for the obvious keys.

>                                                 I guess I'll file a
> wishlist bug about this.

...against busybox-udeb.


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