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Official testing NetInst cds being weekly built


I'm happy to announce that we'll be weekly creating netinst cds for testing
(the future sarge distribution), this cds are made using Tollef Fog Heen's
daily images of the debian-installer, like the full images we are currently

The images will be accesible by the full ones, this is, at...
currently only i386 images are being built, and given the status of
debian-installer, they may or may not work at all, the purpose of this cds
is just testing our new installer.

We have chosen to build two different netinst images:

sarge-i386-businesscard.iso 41 megs aprox
sarge-i386-netinst.iso      83 megs aprox

The first one only has debian-installer and the doc on the cd, needing
network access to be able to install the base system.
The second one has also the base system on it, so that it can be posible to
complete a basic install our testing distribution from the cd.

I have been able complete a installation out of the cdrom using the netinst
cd and also an installation using the net and the businesscard cd, but I had
to do some stuff manually.

I hope that this images serve for the debian-installer guys to get good
complete reports on the problems of our new installation method, and that
this helps us go a little bit faster towards Sarge.

Keep up the good work, guys!

Manty/BestiaTester -> http://manty.net

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