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Using the slang frontend for CD installs

I was able to get the cdrom floppy to use the slang frontend just now.
A few modifications was required.  I used the CVS version of cdebconf
with the patch from Matt Kraai, a patched mklibs (check #178002 for
the patch), and a patched version of rootskel (I've commited the patch
to CVS now).  I also added the new cdebconf-slang-udeb to
pkg-lists/cdrom/common before building the cdrom d-i floppy.

The slang frontend appear, but there are some problems left.

The multiselection question is unable to handle more then one
selection.  I discovered this with the skolelinux package
profilechooser.  If I choose more then one item on the menu, the
postinst script crashes.  This is not a problem with the text

The select and multiselect dialogs look the same.  The selecton dialog
should look more like a menu, where I can move up and down using the
arrow keys, and choose using [enter] or [space].  It is not intuitive
for me having to press [tab] to get to the <next> button to continue.

The boolean dialog should accept [enter] to choose yes/no, instead of
having to move to the <next> button to continue.

base-installer crashes after downloading some packages.  I'm not sure
why, as the screen is blanked almost imediately when this happen to
display the main menu.

I was unable to get past the base-installer problem, but was very
pleased to see the new frontend working. :)

If you want to test the CD for yourself, you can at the moment
download <URL:ftp://ftp.skolelinux.no/debian-cd/woody-i386-1.raw> to
get the latest image.  It is rebuilt ever two hour.

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