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unattended install...ready to work


 First : Happy new year :)

 Now that replicator 3.0 and 2.9 are uploaded I'm ready to work on
unattened debian installation within debian installer.

 Here's my opinion (read : my todo list) (roughly) :

Install a model with di. 

di ask if you want to prepare the model for later replication.

 if yes : install Configure replicator(rsyncd, nfs export),after the
reboot, and generate the boot floppy for later replication (how to
replace the bootfloppy by the debian CD may be possible).

 The on every "copy" boot with this floppy (or via tftpboot) that will
rsync nearly all of the model and last replay only needed configuration
with debconf.

 With this approch (and some of the code I will include in next version
of replicator), unattended replication on a 100Mb network will only take
5 minutes (presently it takes around 20 non-interactive minutes).

 If someone wants to work on that with me, the work needed is to plug
replicator (in perl) with debconf and adapte to sarge the
include/exclude list of files for rsync.



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