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Re: Installing rescue.bin -> udbootstrap exited

	sorry, but I've a little doubt...

can someone provide me some links to make my own (or modify an existent) 
rescue.bin image, or dbootstrap manage it ?!? 

I understood that linux.bin is nothing more that the kernel.
I understood that root.bin is a compressed image of a root filesystem.

I thought that rescue.bin was a not-compressed/vfat image of a boot/root 
filesystem... that the installed kernel mount somewhere, and execute the 
"install.sh" script inside...
So, to modify the kernel, I've only to substitute the linux.bin inside the 
rescue.bin with my own linux.bin, that I already used to boot the system...

Where can I find some docs? I hope someone had 10mins to write it down...
And, more simply, where can I find sources for dbootstrap,... ?

thank you 1000, I'm learning a lot, it's hard but funny, very funny!

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