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Re: Fw: Working Network Installs

* "Cassandra Lynette Brockett" 

| So, a quick question... how would I go about getting the work I've done
| submitted, I still need to document however (which should be in my opinion
| additional documentation for the the debian install document), and I plan on
| doing that during the rest of this week as time permits, but before I go on
| with documenting and such forth, should I even bother?  Is anyone
| interested?

Network installs are quite well working for debian-installer, using
PXElinux and an initrd (that's my primary testing method FTTB).  I'm
not sure if there's enough interest to make it work well with old
boot-floppies, but if you want to work on that, please do.
Documentation on how to get it working with b-fs might be good, though
I wouldn't waste too much time trying to get it to work if it isn't
easily fixed.

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