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Preparation of Boot-Floppies release 3.0.24

( first semi-official call-for-helpers, see also:
http://people.debian.org/~blade/bf3024/ )

Preparation of Boot-Floppies release 3.0.24

I volunteered to prepare the next release of Debian's Boot-Floppies
tree. The next release of Debian Woody, 3.0r2 was planned for about two
months after r1, so we have at least this period from now. There are
known outstanding problems that will be fixed in Woody by this release:
 - potential security risks using old kernel versions
 - miscellaneous glitches on m68k
 - outdated kernel on i386, not supporting large harddisks
 - various bugfixes on s390
 - and many others, including better documentation

So my prefered schedule is:

 - everyone responsible for a certain architecture should update to
   latest CVS HEAD and make test builds (one week)
 - Test builds are distributed for testing, netinst images are created,
   announcing on DP, DWN, etc. (2 weeks)
 - Final release, buildin on all architectures and uploading

Since we are building for 11 architectures this time, I prefer having a
bit more coordination: http://people.debian.org/~blade/bf3024/ will
contain a simple overview and links to testing builds.

So, my fellow b-f developers, come out whereever you are, spend few
hours[1], report problems and fix them where needed. You know the rules.

 - Do not break stuff intentionaly
 - Do not risc changing something if you cannot predict the consequences
 - Build in a Woody chroot ("debootstrap" helps), do not risc messing up
   something because of Sid's problem of the day.

When I have spare time, I will hang around on the #debian-boot on
Freenode network. If there is no reaction from me, better send an /msg.

Happy Hacking,
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