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Re: [cdebconf] helper macros, i18n, backup, etc

On Mon, Dec 16, 2002 at 10:09:16PM -0800, Randolph Chung wrote:
> sorry for the late reply, i was out of town for a few days.

Sorry for having already committed most of this stuff, it was needed
to make language selection work with the new languagechooser package.

> > 1. The helper macros recently introduced do break several packages
> > under debian-installer/tools/ which used to declare their own
> > debconf_input function.  Maybe we could remove these macros, I
> > wonder whether they are that useful.
> i thought you asked for them? :-)

It was not me ;)

> unless i hear otherwise i'll commit a patch tomorrow to wrap them inside
> a #ifdef WITH_DEBCONF_HELPER_MACROS or something like that.
> > 2. The attached backup.patch finishes support for backing up.  As it
> > slightly changes cdebconf interface, I prefer sending it there.
> looks ok in general, but perhaps you can add an enum for the -1, 0, 1
> stuff instead of using a number? thanks! this is a long-needed bugfix.

You are of course right, I'll do that.

> > 4. As esplained in #172218, current TITLE command is not l10n-friendly.
> > I will wait for Joey's solution before changing this in cdebconf, but
> > the new progress bar support suffers from the same problem.
> hrm, i see.... making it a template seems like a reasonable thing to
> do...

Or a new element type?

> btw2, we should really not have this piece of code in debconf.c:
>     q = questions->methods.get(questions, "debian-installer/language");
> can this be just debconf/language instead?
> putting cdebconf in debian-installer cvs was more of a convenience.
> cdebconf is not meant to be a debian-installer-specific application.

I understand, but having debconf/language does not make sense since
debconf uses environment variables for its l10n.
Could we add #ifdef DEBIAN_INSTALLER to ship those parts only into

> btw3, istr some talk about implementing a http based db backend. is that
> available some place? sorry if i missed this on the list, i haven't been
> following d-boot too closely.

No idea.


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