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Re: file-retriever

mån 2002-12-16 klockan 06.29 skrev Guillem Jover:
> > But I'm pretty sure that file-retriever won't be used as it is, it's
> > more of an example of retrievers. The concrete retrievers so far are
> > net-retriever, floppy-retriever and cdrom-retriever... Arbitrarily
> > symlinking into a 'debs' directory (relative to what? the root of the
> > ramdisk? huh?) seems a bit silly.
> Yes that was explained in the TODO. I'm working on ftp support in
> net-retriever... patch soon.


> > Furthermore, it doesn't support the retriever protocol at all, so it's
> > kind of useless in that respect! ;)
> Mine supports it. :P

Well, yes, but unlike the floppy-retriever you have to generate the
Packages file yourself, and it has to be at
debs/dists/sarge/main/debian-installer/binary-XYZ/Packages :-)


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