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Working Network Installs

I was just wondering if anyone is working on creating a working network
system for Debian?

At the moment all the available methods require a boot disk of some variety,
however it is possible to boot debian off the network including the
installer, however this still means that a disk or cd is required to load
"rescue.bin" and "drivers.tgz"...

If no one else is working on it, I am modifying one of the root.bin files
(currently just bf2.4/root.bin from woody) to allow complete network booting
and installation, if there is someone working on it, I would like to join
forces on this one.

Basically, I expect to have this working by the end of the week (at least a
bodged version, I will need to rebuild dbootstrap to do this correctly), let
me know if anyone wants to help...


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