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cvs commit to debian-installer/tools/base-installer/debian by rhirst

Repository: debian-installer/tools/base-installer/debian
who:        rhirst
time:       Fri Dec 13 15:32:23 MST 2002
Log Message:
  Fix apt-get args for gzip and dpkg binaries.
  Get apt-get to tell dpkg to run in /target.
  Add target bin/sbin dirs to PATH for aptget/dpkg.
  Actually use rootskel initrd template for /etc/kernel-img.conf.
  Add relative_links=yes, image_in_boot=yes to kernel-img.conf; if
  that turns out to be bad for some archs, will have to add more rootskel
  templates as we have for do_initrd.

changed:    changelog kernel-installer.postinst postinst

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