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autopartkit_0.34_i386.changes is NEW

(new) autopartkit_0.34.dsc standard debian-installer
(new) autopartkit_0.34.tar.gz standard debian-installer
(new) autopartkit_0.34_i386.udeb standard debian-installer
Automatically Partition Hard Drives (unsafe)
 This module will automatically partition the harddrive on which you wish
 to install Debian GNU/Linux. It will keep any existing partition and use
 the free space available. If there is no space it will try to resize
 FAT partition (but it'll leave around 25% free space in each FAT
 At the present time is uses only libparted and is therefore limited to
 architecture supported by libparted (i386 only?).
 autopartkit is a minimal package used by debian-installer.
Changes: autopartkit (0.34) unstable; urgency=low
  * Get the package working with libparted 1.6.
  * Change default filesystem from ext3 to ext2.  I was wrong
    thinking ext3 was supported in libparted 1.6.
  * Add forgotten postinst script.
  * Make it easier to select default disk label type at run time.
  * Use 'msdos' disk label type on platforms where the proper type is
    unknown.  This avoids a compile error on these platforms.
  * Log default disk label type.
  * Code cleanup to avoid some compile warnings.
  * Reinsert versioned depend on po-debconf.  This will make sure the
    templates use UTF-8.
  * Add more specific depend for virtual package libcdebconf-dev.
  * Remove yes/no from autopartkit/confirm template, correct spelling.
  * Make sure PED_DONE() is called on successfull termination.
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