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Bug#172302: busybox-cvs: should not be priority standard, nor provide busybox

Package: busybox-cvs
Severity: grave

Busybox-cvs should not be priority standard, since it is then
downloaded as part of the normal d-i install, and it breaks the rest
of the system installation:

wget: wget -c -q http://archive.progeny.com/debian//pool/main/b/busybox-cvs/busybob
wget: wget -c -q http://archive.progeny.com/debian//pool/main/c/console-data/consob
console-fonts_2002.12.04dbs-1_all.udeb: applet not found

and there it hangs.

Please also stop providing busybox, at least until busybox is a proper
superset of busybox.

waldi, you fix?

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