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Re: preparation for the alpha

[Tollef Fog Heen]
> lspci output would be good as well.

I made a small udeb to store debug info on a floppy.  Unfortunately
this did not work as busybox tar is unable to create archives.  This
udeb was going to copy all the content of /var/log/ into the archive,
and run the following script to fetch HW information:

#!/bin/sh -e
# Report the detected HW

if [ -x /sbin/discover ] ; then
        /sbin/discover -f "info: $0: discover: %m;%S;%D;%V;%M;%d\n" all || true
        echo "error: $0: Unable to find /sbin/discover"

if [ -x /sbin/lspci ] ; then
                /sbin/lspci -v -t || true
                /sbin/lspci -n || true
                /sbin/lspci -v || true
        )| sed "s%^%info: $0: lspci: %"
        echo "error: $0: Unable to find /sbin/lspci"

if [ -x /sbin/lsmod ] ; then
        /sbin/lsmod | sed "s%^%info: $0: lsmod: %"
        echo "error: $0: Unable to find /sbin/lsmod"

Check out skolelinux-reportbug-udeb in APT source 'deb
ftp://ftp.skolelinux.no/skolelinux/ woody local'.  The source is in
Skolelinux CVS,

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