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debian on a motorola CPN5360

Hello!, im not sure if this is the right list, but ill try here since im having problems booting.

The cpn5360 is a single board computer, no vga,no keyboard,no usb,no sound,no cdrom or floppy.
Interfaces on the board is serialport and a eepro100.
It also features PXE booting.
hda is a sandisk 128Mb memory (mounted onto the mainboard)
hdb is a standard Ibm harddrive.

I connect to the board by the serialport, and try to make it PXE boot. i get the kernel, but it halts after decompressing the kernel.

This pussels me.. i have tried to use both loadlin and lilo with no luck.

Is there a kernel that supports that you can se the status of loading the kerel by be serialport?

Lars Lindgren
"I'm on the path, he thought. I don't have to know where it leads. I just have to follow."

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