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Re: Installation for Dummies <=> Rule the World

On Dec 01, Xavian-Anderson Macpherson wrote:
> The first question I need to ask;  Is Debian intended to be only for 
> hobbyists?
> If not; Why is the installation not easier?  If distibutions can be built on 
> Debian, but are easier to install, why can't Debian use the same methods?
> Why can't you use something like FreeBSD's floppy install system?
> What is objectionable about having a GUI installation tool like;
> 	1) MSC Linux's Webmin
> 	2) SuSE's YaST
> 	3) Modified 'mc', 'linuxconf', etc.

Uh... see http://people.debian.org/~mbc/di.html

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