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Re: Installation problem with HPT370

#include <hallo.h>
* Mafioo [Sat, Nov 30 2002, 08:47:38PM]:
> Hello, I have used the CD-ROM 1 of Debian 3.0. At the beginning of
> installation, afer keyboard configurations, an error message occurs, saying
> that no hard disk has been detected.. I am using ATA100-RAID technologies...
> to install Windows for example, I have a small package from Highpoint
> website to make my HD recognized, but they dont provide it for Debian (only
> RedHat and several Linux dist.).
> I hope I've been clear enough and that you'll be able to help me.

Read the boot-screen. Read it. Again. Then look at different boot
arguments. I suggest you enter bf24<RETURN> at the boot-prompt.

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