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Multiple provides

aj and I talked a bit about resolving multiple provides on IRC today.

The problem isn't which provider to configure, but how to make the
choice user-friendly.

Take, for example, the case of anna and retrievers. The user-friendly
question is asked by anna to determine which retriever to use, but
main-menu needs to know the answer of that *before* anna is run, so it
can resolve dependencies correctly. Sure, it's not hard to put up a
question to the user, "which of these packages do you want to
configure?", but that's far from user friendly.

Right, so maybe main-menu can handle the retriever choice? But how? The
second time anna is run, main-menu will think "sweet, the dependencies
are satisfied".

One solution is to remove anna from the menu, and instead put several
"annas" there :) One per retriever, to be exact. XYZ-anna would depend
on XYZ-retriever and anna. The XYZ-anna postinst would be something like

ln -sf /usr/lib/debian-installer/retriever/XYZ-retriever

Would this clutter the menu too much?

Comments anyone? joeyh? Tollef?


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