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di-utils-mkfs rewritten

Hi boot folk,

I have a little bit rewritten the mkfs utility, because I think it lacks
some important things like lvm or raid support, other filesystems, ...

The result is a newly created C-program which currently support the
following features (not perfect yet):

  * you can select multiple partitions and format these in one step
  * it find all mkfs.* utilities in the system and list the supported
    supported filesystems from this information (maybe we must integrate
    /proc/filesystem checks also)
  * it display only partitions which aren't mounted at this time
  * if the partition/device is a real harddisk (eg ide/scsi) is list
    partition with id=83 (not finished yet, segfault :()
  * it list lvm/raid/evms whatever devices because it use the
    information from /proc/partitions

So, what's currently _not_ working: it doesn't fully support s390 archs,
because the disk doesn't include ide/scsi in the string (should be
easy to include). It doesn't detected mounted partitions correct,
because the "mount partition" postinst-script doesn't mount the disks
from /dev/(ide|scsi)/... but from /dev/discs/... (and these discs aren't
listed in /proc/partitions).

So please test the program at let me know your opinions. The codebase
can also used for the mkswap postinst.

Thanks and bye

Thorsten Sauter

				(Is there life after /sbin/halt -p?)

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