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Re: How can I create an install CD?

tis 2002-11-26 klockan 12.27 skrev Oliver Kurth:
> Hello!
> I have checked out debian-installer from CVS, and I already figured out
> to make boot floppies. I tried the on a vmware with the 'net' floppy,
> but unfortunately, the pcnet32 driver is not on it, trying to put the
> nic-modules-extra udeb on it fails for lack of space. Yes I know, I can
> build an extra udeb for pcnet32 and build a new floppy.

You can comment out nic-modules and nic-modules-shared, that would make
room enough for nic-modules-extra, I think. Another way is to put
nic-modules-extra on another floppy, mount it from the prompt and run
udpkg -i manually on it. Of course, when I finish the floppy retriever
you can use that instead.

> But I think it would be nicer, if there was sort of a 'net install CD',
> with _all_ net drivers on it (there is plenty of space on a CD). But
> first I need to know how to create an install CD, to work that out.

Well, all d-i packages will be on CD1, so you can use that for
net-booting... Select the menu item for mounting the CDROM, then finish
setting up (yes, misleading description) the installer, choose
cdrom-retriever, now all the CD udebs will be installed, and you can
install the net stuff (ethdetect, netcfg...) and use those...

I attached the script I use to build highly unofficial CDs. Put udebs in
pool/main/d-i and put the base debs in pool/main/base.

#!/bin/sh -e


cd $BASEDIR/temp/CD
apt-ftparchive generate indices/config

OPTS="-r -J"
for img in $BASEDIR/build/dest/cdrom-2880.img $BASEDIR/build/dest/cdrom144-1440.img; do
    if [ -e "$img" ]; then
        cp "$img" install/
        OPTS="$OPTS -b install/`basename $img`"

cd dists/sarge

cat > Release <<EOF
Origin: bleh
Label: foo
Suite: testing
Codename: sarge
Architectures: i386
Components: main
Description: Foo bar baz

for file in main/binary-i386/{Release,Packages*} \
            main/debian-installer/binary-i386/Packages*; do
    md5sum=`md5sum $file | cut -d' ' -f1`
    size=`stat $file | grep '  Size: ' | sed 's/  Size: \([[:digit:]]*\).*/\1/g'`
    printf " %s %8d %s\n" $md5sum $size $file >> Release

cd ../../..

mkisofs $OPTS -o local-di-sarge.iso CD

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