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[Fwd: Re: gtkfb and debian-installer]

Hello all. I've been asking around (debain-gtk-gnome, gtk-list,
maintainers) about gtkfb, and it sounds like its not being maintained
very much, but there's another project, gtk-directfb, which is very
actively maintained. 


Maybe we should switch to this? I'm going to pick it up and try it
out. It would, hopefully, mean fewer packages to make udebs out of. It
says that it can work with freetype, but that freetype is not
required, so we may be able to package it up as one package, depending
on the quality of the bitmap font that's included. 

I've emailed the gtk maintainer to see when 2.1 will be out, which has
a working gtkfb, but 2.0 doesn't. 


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From: Eric Warmenhoven <eric@warmenhoven.org>
To: Michael Cardenas <mbc@debian.org>
Subject: Re: gtkfb and debian-installer

On Sat, Nov 23, 2002 at 03:38:59PM -0800, Michael Cardenas wrote:
> Hello all. 
> I am trying to make udebs of gtkfb for the debian-installer, because I
> have written a gtk frontend for d-i, which will require gtk, and the
> debian-installer team thinks that gtkfb will be the best solution.  

GtkFB in the 2.0 series is sort of in a not-working state. 2.1 (and 2.2
when it's out) should be much better. If you're interested I can help
create a patch for 2.0 that'll get it working (since I was the one that
got 2.1 working). Otherwise you might just want to use gdk-directfb,

> Apparently, gtkfb requires special compile options for glib, pango,
> and gtk. I have a mostly working udeb for glib, but the pango compile
> is giving me some problems. Specifically, I have added these configure
> options: --enable-debug=no --with-included-modules=yes and after this
> compile line:

It doesn't require special compile options for any of them, just gtk
itself. However, for pango it requires the FreeType2 backend, so you'll
need to have freetype2 installed to build it. Also, it might be the case
(I really have no idea) that if you have xlibs-dev installed then it'll
link the whole thing against xlibs, and therefore depend on it. I don't
have xlibs installed so the X and Xft backends don't get built for me.

> ...
> Any help on this would be greatly appreciated, as I am not an expert
> in gnome libs, or in making udebs, I just want us to have a graphical
> installer for sarge. I have attached the control file and the rules
> file for the pango udeb, in case you want to try to compile it
> yourself. If someone can help me, I'll send them the control file and
> rules file for glib as well. 

I'm not sure what the compile error is; I haven't tried to use pango
1.0, only what's in CVS (1.1). I've found that for the ft2 backend
though that sometimes I've had to change the Makefile to get it to build
properly though. Also it looks like for your particular problem that if
the X and Xft backends don't get built you won't have that problem.
Though it probably won't fix all the problems.

Anyway, good luck.

> thank you 
>   michael


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