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[d-i] installing bootmanagers

Testing d-i works with some problems already reported until I have
installed base-system and have to install a boot-manager:
Install LILO on a hard disk:
On which device should LILO install the boot block?
[default = ${bootdev}]> 
strange default, he? and it doesn't work, I have to give the value
[default = ${bootdev}]> /dev/discs/disc0/disc
Warning: LBA32 addressing assumed
Added Linux *
(very long idle)

Install GRUB on a hard disk:
GRUB needs to install the stage 1 boot loader on a bootable device. This
is usually the fist hard drive. Note that GRUB conuts devices diffently
than the linux kernel, so the fist one is usually '(hd0)'. Leave this at
default if unsure.
[default = (hd0)]>
chroot: cannot execute /sbin/grub-install: No such file or directory
postinst exited with status 256
Debian installer Main Menu

I have selected grub-installer at 'Finish setting up the Debian


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