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OK, Its done and in the archives.

Could we add brltty-udeb to pkg-list/cdrom/common?
It built on nearly all archs, except s390, which I disabled because
s390 doesnt have /dev/vcs AFAIK.

It currently only checks environemtn-variables BRLTTY_BRAILLE_DRIVER
for instance, which can be set by passing kernel options to the boot-loader.
If none of those options are set, it doesnt do anything, so it
should not change anything vitally important for other components.

It will just print something like:

No Braille Driver
No Speech Driver

and thats it.

The CDROM-installer is the only place where we
have enough space for brltty right now, it is simply to large
for a single-floppy install :-(.

P.S.: To whom do I need to talk to, to get cvs access?
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