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Re: cdebconf cw frontend?

[Mario Lang]

> One time I had a crazy thought for the accessibility project.  If a
> blind person is a HAM (many are I gather, I'm not), he could do the
> install with morse.  Morse is basicly available 99% of the time,
> because most machines have the pc speaker connected.
> I'd just like to ask what people think.  Is this too obscure to be
> useful.  Do we want this in cvs?

Sounds cool to me.  Not that I would use it, but I do not know morse
and am not blind.  How many blind persons know morse?  :-)

BTW: Would it not be better to keep the text frontend, but use linker
  magic to replace all calls to printf with calls to printf_cw?  Less
  code duplication that way.

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