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Re: cdebconf displays localized templates

[Denis Barbier]

> just in case you missed it, cdebconf support for localized templates
> has been implemented.  The rfc822db driver and text frontend seems
> functional, other drivers and frontends have not been much tested.


> To change language, set DEBCONF_LANG environment variable to a
> language code (de, pt_BR, etc.) before running cdebconf; I have no
> idea yet on how to let user choose his own language.

Can you add support for gettext like LANGUAGE variable, where you can
specify several languages in priority order.  I suggest using the
DEBCONF_LANG variable as the locale variable, and using
DEBCONF_LANGUAGE as a colon-separated list of language codes, just
like gettext.

I want to be able to request several languages in priority order, and
then get the text string using the first available translation.  This
way, we can use DEBCONF_LANGUAGE=no:nb:nn:dk:sv to get familiar
translations even if some of the phrases are missing on Norwegian

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