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Debian on a Toshiba SS S4/275PNHW

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I've installed Debian on a Toshiba SS S4/275PNHW (a while back already) 
and finally got around to putting together a diff against boot-floppies 
that is needed to install.
# I got a little "distracted" trying to return the pre-loaded OS and 
still am :-| (see http://www13.0038.net/~olaf/no-return.en.html for 

This laptop has neither internal CD-ROM, nor internal floppies so some 
boot-floppies patching was required to get it going.  I don't know if 
this model is available outside Japan.  Toshiba recently released two 
derived models, the S5/280PNKW and S5/280PNLN , that should be 
installable with my customized boot floppies.
# Note, I do not recommend any of these computers.  As a matter of 
fact, I'd recommend you buy *no* Toshiba products at all if you care 
about your rights as a customer.

I've installed on my S4/275PNHW in a variety of ways using these 
patched boot-floppies and a set of woody pre-release CD-ROMs:

	boot		kernel/drivers		base system
	smart media	USB floppy		USB CD-ROM
	USB floppy	USB floppy		USB CD-ROM
	smart media	USB stick drive		USB CD-ROM

I haven't tried but am pretty sure you could even install from a single 
USB stick drive (using the 2.88MB floppy image and a minimal file 
system containing the kernel, drivers and base system packages in the 
right places).

Anyway, the patch and instructions to build custom boot floppies are 
available via:


Time permitting, I'll polish up and add my installation/configuration 
- --
Olaf Meeuwissen
GnuPG key: 91114EAF/C3E1 2D40 C7CC AEB2 FB15  8BDF 60C2 5B3F 9111 4EAF

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