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Bug#169000: install-doc: SPARC way to find tftp server after rarp

Package: install-doc
Version: 3.0.24
Severity: minor

After reading section 4.4.1 of Installation Manual for SPARC it is not
clear where the machine will try to find TFTP server after receiving IP
address via RARP.
According to Solaris8 man boot(1M):
                                                     When booting
     over the network, the PROM makes a reverse ARP  request  and
     when it receives a reply, the PROM broadcasts a TFTP request
     to fetch inetboot over the  network  from  any  server  that
     responds  and  executes  it.

In my case it was Sun Ultra1 with OpenBoot 3.11.1 and it broadcasts on requesting /client-ip-in-hex.


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