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Re: missing amigamouse device (?)

Hello Michel

Am 05-Nov-02 schrieb Michel Dänzer:

> On Son, 2002-11-03 at 00:39, Andreas Wüst wrote: 
>> I couldn't find any mouse device for a normal Amiga mouse connected to
>> the mouseport. I luckily had some advice from earlier days to create it as
>> follows:
>> # cd /dev/input
> Do you really mean this or just /dev?

Ok, caught him. The "problem" is non-debian specific, so no need
to send followups to debian-boot (to be precise, it is neither apus specific,
it is specific to this strange guy who started this thread..).

When helping Björn Johansson, I sent him my XFConfig, which contained this
/dev/input/amigamouse thingy. He wrote back that this wouldn't work, so I
advised him how to create the amigamouse device. But then I wondered why it
isn't automatically included in the debian base installation.

Well, it is, but not in /dev/input but in /dev. So how did I think it should
be in /dev/input? I don't know!! I just don't know. I just sent him my config
where it refers to /dev/input (which I neither know why this is like that),
and he realised that this device doesn't exist. So please forget my post
(lucky me i placed a question mark at the end of the subject, so I am not
totally disgraced now..)!

>> # mknod amigamouse c 10 4
> Or either of
> MAKEDEV misc
> MAKEDEV m68k-mice

fine. Or just forget it..

PS: It would still be nice to have it mentioned during X configuration (as
well as that Amiga users have to choose the BusMouse protocol)..

Best wishes,

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