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Testing d-i with uml?


As mentioned, I'm working on accessibility support for d-i.
As brltty will only fit on the cdrom target, I'll have
to use cd install for testing.  NOw since I don't have
excess hardware, and esp. no cd burner, I need to find
a way to test things in UML.

The only thing I need there is /dev/ttyS0 in the UML-kernel
connected to /dev/ttyS1 on the host system.  That is so
that I can connect a second braille dsiplay on the host system
and use it like it were connected to S0 of the install-system.
Now my questions are:

1. Does anyone already use uml for d-i cd testing?  If yes,
do you have any scripts written for that I could use?

2. Does anyone know if uml can do the device-forwarding
I described above?  I vaguely remember it does...


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