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Hi.  I am feeling compelled to help with the new Debian installer,
because I strongly believe that sarge needs to have a shorter gestation
process than woody did, and I keep hearing that debian-install is likely
to be the big bottle neck, and that sarge may end up taking well over 18
months to get released.  To me that is simply not acceptable.

I can help with testing on several platforms.  I have 32 bit and 64 bit
SPARC systems that I can netboot and CD boot, G3 and G4 PowerPC Macs, a
MIPS R4400 that I can netboot (and probably CD boot) and x86 stuff.  I
might be able to come up with m68k boxes.  

I am also willing to help code where necessary.  I am about to download
the source from cvs.debian.org, and I know about the doc/ subdirectory
that I should be reading.  Is there anything else that I should know
right now?  Any hints you can give me?  I really want to see sarge
released before too long, and am willing to dedicate time to the


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