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Re: Differences between mklibs.py and mklibs.sh

Thanks to your reply,

At 05/11/2002 11:35, Philip Blundell wrote:
On Mon, 2002-11-04 at 17:20, Clément Moreau wrote:
> Does anybody have experience on mklibs.py and plug-in shared objects ?

I don't have direct experience, but I think it ought to work.  Just
ensure that you list all the plugins on the mklibs command line,
alongside normal binaries.

That's what i do, and it works with mklibs.sh, but not with mklibs.py

The difference is probably that the python version uses readelf to find undefined symbols in executables, whereas the shell one uses objdump : in mklibs.py, we use "readelf -s" to get the list of all symbols, and then stripped out some kind of symbol, between these symbols you can find the "NOTYPE" ones.
The missing symbols are from this "NOTYPE" type in libipt*.so

I tried to suppress this filter, but it creates errors at some other point.

The solution is probably to copy the objdump routine of mklibs.sh into mklibs.py, i will try it later.

Btw, I'm not familiar with python, so, is there a good place where I can find a guide to this scripting language ?


Clément Moreau

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