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missing amigamouse device (?)


In the light of an upcoming 3.0r1 release I wanted to bring up an issue which
stroke me a bit during installation.

I couldn't find any mouse device for a normal Amiga mouse connected to
the mouseport. I luckily had some advice from earlier days to create it as

# cd /dev/input
# mknod amigamouse c 10 4

I guess it would be a bit annoying for a newbie to not find any information about
amiga mice nor having any working device for it anyway, which means you don't
have any mouse support at all. May it be a good idea
to add this device to a base installation, or does it just duplicate another
already existing device (but of which noone knows that it has to be chosen as an Amiga mouse device)?

OTOH, it is not that useful to have a device but nobody knowing of it. So it
should maybe also be mentioned during X or gpm configuration, but this seems
to be another story..

[ sent to debian-boot and linux-apus-devel ]

Best wishes,

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