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mark cvs commits as read with procmail and maildir

just to know because is non-trivial to mark a maildir message as read with
procmail, i use this to mark cvs commits in debian-boot as read.

# trick to mark cvs commits from debian-boot ML as read
* X-Mailing-List: <debian-boot@lists.debian.org>
    # first deliver to maildir so LASTFOLDER gets set'd
    :0 c

    # then move it to cur/
    :0 ai
    * ^Subject: cvs commit to debian-installer.*
    * LASTFOLDER ?? ()\/[^/]+^^
    |mv "$LASTFOLDER" "debian-boot/cur/$MATCH:2,S"

i got the idea from:

Filippo Giunchedi
GNU/PG key id: 1024D/6B79D401
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"unix is simple, but it just takes a genius to understand the simplicity"
-- Dennis Ritchie

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