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Re: The problem - building a 2.4.19 installer

On Tue, 2002-10-15 at 10:31, David Murphy wrote:
> I've already downloaded the 2.4.19 from kernel.org source and menuconfiged
> it to suit my needs - however, I can't figure how to get boot-floppies to
> look at my downloaded source file (and painstakingly edited .config file)
> when it goes about compiling the kernel. I don't use any modules in the
> kernel, nor do I need pcmcia support, therefore I'd like to prevent the
> pcmcia packages from being built (I've set HAS_PCMCIA=false in kernel.sh).
> Is it required that the full debian 2.4.19 kernel sources be installed for
> this to work, or can I use my own downloaded set of source files (i.e. from
> linux-2.4.19.tar.gz).

The best way for you to proceed is to build a custom kernel-image
package with your favourite configuration.  Then put it in
/archive/local, set kver appropriately, and boot-floppies should pick it
up during the build process.


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