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Bug#161999: boot-floppies: 3.0r0 install can end with no /etc/host{s,name}

#include <hallo.h>
* Thomas Poindessous [Mon, Sep 23 2002, 06:22:19PM]:

> > > not allowed), and after DHCP failure I had to skip the "network
> > > config" step.
> > 
> > Yes, if you skipped network configuration then it is still unconfigured.
> It's not very logical. You need a /etc/hosts even if you don't have
> networking.

Hrm, even if I told Yann to tell more, I am confused a bit. etc/hosts
should be allways written (forced call in write_common_network()) unless
you have choosen DHCP, DHCP was set up (use_dhcp=1) but the interface
were down while writting the files.

/etc/hostname may not be written if you did not run "Configure the
network" nor the "Configure hostname" steps successfully.

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