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Re: Installation with USB floppy

#include <hallo.h>
* Mario Lang [Fri, Sep 20 2002, 12:58:11AM]:
> > I modified the boot-floppies to make it possible to install on a system
> > having only an external USB floppy drive.
> Thanks alot!  I used this method today to install my new JVC MP-XP7210DE,
> and it worked more or less flawlessly.


> What didn't work was the creation of a boot-floppy before restarting
> into the base-system, but I luckily didn't need it :).

Oh, there is a symlink fd0->sda on the installation fs, but not on the
target filesystem. Will be fixed if I rebuild the thing.

> > http://www-user.rhrk.uni-kl.de/~blochedu/usb-install/
> >
> > It is similar to works done before, but works with kernel 2.4.x so you
> > may even use USB network adapters after setting up the modules.
> It would have saved me time if the sis900.o module were included
> in the rescue boot kernel, as this network card seems to be very
> common for notebooks.  My old one had it, and this one has the same chip too.

The problem is: some people told me that there are Cardbus cards that
are driven by the drivers of the equal PCI cards. Including that drivers
into the kernel would make it impossible to load the driver after PCMCIA

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