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cvs commit to debian-installer/tools/netcfg/debian/po by barbier

Repository: debian-installer/tools/netcfg/debian/po
who:        barbier
time:       Tue Sep 17 16:38:00 MDT 2002
Log Message:
  This debian/po/ directory shows how po-debconf can be used to handle
  translated templates.  It does not interfere with current templates
  files.  See README file for details.
  These files are only here for demonstration, please modify
  debian/template/netcfg* files if you want to change text.

added:      POTFILES.in README netcfg-common._templates netcfg-dhcp._templates netcfg-static._templates templates.pot da.po de.po fr.po pt_BR.po ru.po

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