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Re: Debian installation in software raid devices

#include <hallo.h>
* David Kimdon [Sun, Sep 15 2002, 11:42:27AM]:

> > I just have done some Debian instalations having the root fs over
> > software raid. I think that It would be nice to have it as a posibility
> > in debian instalation. Actually it is pretty easy with 2.4 kernels that
> > autodetect the raid device. I offer myself to make the changes necessary to
> > the boot floppies.

There is actually not much to change if you hack for you only. I
considered making dbootstrap support RAID, but you need

 - additional setup tool included in dbootstrap and/or libfdisk
 - mdadm (about 50kB on root-fs)
 - a kernel with SoftRAID. Would need about 150kB. Which drivers do you
   want to drop today?

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