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Re: Kernel 2.4 hangs in 1st stage install

On Fri, Sep 13, 2002 at 08:36:26PM +0100, john payne wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a DVD of the Debian Woody release.  I can install this
> successfully if I take the default (2.2) kernel.  However, if I try to
> install the 2.4 kernel the install proceeds most of the way (swap
> partition initialise, root partition initialise, scan for packages)
> but part way through the package installation, it hangs, with the
> keyboard locked out (Ctrl-Alt-Del does not reboot).
> If I switch to console 4 (before the hang) the final messages are
> sysvinit: creating /dev/initctl
> init: timeout opening/writing control channel /dev/initctl
> sysvinit: creating /dev/initctl
> init: timeout opening/writing control channel /dev/initctl
> In themselves, these messages don't seem to be the problem (the kernel
> 2.2 gives the same messages, but then goes on to run debconf).
> Adding "debug" at boot time doesn't seem to give any extra relevant
> information (the last "debug:" message is long before the hang
> occurs).
> The hardware is an AMD K6-2 400, on a Chaintech CT-5SSV motherboard
> (SiS 530/5595 chipset), with 160Mb of memory.

Do you load any modules (using the 2.4 kernel) that you don't load or
are not available with 2.2? Is this the standard bf-2.4 kernel or 
a different version?

(Please reply to the list, I'm clueless but just trying to help
gather more information).

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