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Re: [d-i] Extended 'Description' fields in control files

fre 2002-09-13 klockan 10.18 skrev Junichi Uekawa:
> > sure, still valid UTF-8, but it's UTF-8 for what the UTF-8 is if
> > interpreted according to Latin1. I thought dpkg didn't assume anything
> > at all about the encoding in control files? That it expected us-ascii
> > and damn everyone who didn't follow that. Can I fix this somehow, or are
> > we doomed to having several encodings in the file because we can't do
> > UTF-8?
> I don't think it is a workable solution to have Description-xx fields encoding on
> 8-bit encoding.
> Could we move that out of Description-xx: lines to 
> generate some kind of po file?

Believe me, nobody would be happier than me if we used po files instead

I was only working with it like this because this was the current
concept of translating the main menu. It wasn't used though, so I wanted
to play around with it and test it a bit.


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