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Re: Drive Partitioning Issue


I've downloaded and written the floppy images found at the URL you referred for the 2.4.20pre4 build. However, I get the exact same problem when I use fdisk. :(

Highpoint's website has source code for the Linux drivers. In order to use that, I'd have to compile my own kernel - unfortunately, I don't have the tools for that. Even so, I don't know if drivers are the issue, or if it's something I'm just doing wrong. So far I have no evidence of what the problem could be. After all, why does fdisk write one of the four partitions I wanted rather than none at all? What happens during that call to ioctl() that takes so long (about 40 seconds)? The DOS fdisk takes an instant to write the partition table, but I can't use that fdisk for marking filesystems to be type 82/83, which is what I need.

Your help is appreciated Eduard, any other suggestions (from you or anyone else who has a better clue than me) would be wonderful.

-David Fuchs

Eduard Bloch wrote:

#include <hallo.h>
* David Fuchs [Thu, Sep 12 2002, 05:20:29PM]:

I'm attempting to install Debian GNU/Linux 3.0, but there are issues when attempting to partition the harddisk I'm using a standalone Maxtor Ultra ATA-133 60GB HD connected to a Hightpoint HPT372 IDE-RAID

372 is not officially supported by 2.4.18, afaik. You may try an
experimental build with 2.4.20pre4 on


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