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Re: New boot-floppies for 3.0r1?

Eduard Bloch <edi@gmx.de> writes:

> Moin Adam!
> Adam Di Carlo schrieb am Mittwoch, den 11. September 2002:
> > > I'm in favor of doing a new boot-floppies release, hopefully we can
> > > get it tested for 3.0.r1, seconds?
> I am not sure how to test it extensively without moving it to testing. But
> OTOH testing currently has packages which are not installable with Woody's
> debootstrap so it would require a separated build.

Well, what we're *supposed* to do is build different
for stable-proposed-updates and for unstable ->
testing, e.g., two different binary builds but I don't know if that's
practical for all arches.  It's troubling.

> > I second.  I beg you to remember that we are actually looking to get
> > both 3.0.23 and 3.0.24 into woody.  Stable has 3.0.22.
> Yes and no. Stable has 3.0.23 binary build, but the source of 3.0.22 since
> 3.0.23 was excluded because of RC bugs.

Oh, wow, I didn't realize that.

...Adam Di Carlo..<adam@onshore-devel.com>...<URL:http://www.onshored.com/>

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