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Bug#160621: Problems with install CD in ppc distribution

Package: boot-floppies
Version: 3.0r0 ppc

POWER-PC distribution

Cd installer doesn't recognize files in the CD itself. Moreover, if you go to the second terminal and mount the cd in a directory like /mnt and choose "select a mounted device" it doesn't install all the files properly, it stops in the middle. The only way is to copy the CD1 to a HFS partition.

Later, apt doesn't get all the files in the three CD-Rom's, for example i make:

>apt-cdrom add,

with the three first cd-roms (the three cd-roms in the ftp server, I don't know if there are more) and then, with this three sources, when I run tasksel, I can't install Xwindows interface for example.

I think it's because apt looks in this path:


but the path in the CD is


You've forgotten to make the simbolic links in the first cd-rom !!!

It would be great to explain in the cd-rom the way to make Nvidia drivers work, in a macintosh (almost all the new macintoshes have this video cards) (or beg mercy to Nvidia to include them in the kernel source) (or install them automatically)

For example, I have a GeForce2 and I can't start x.

You'are working great, continue, solve this problems to improve Debian-Linux in a ppc.
I hink this problems appear too in PCs.

God bless Linux. Thanks a lot for your effort!!!!!!!!

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