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Re: Bug#160284: ITP: po-debconf -- Manage translated Debconf templates files with gettext

To libtext-iconv-perl maintainer: Steve, does libtext-iconv-perl in fact
need the locales package to work?

On Wed, Sep 11, 2002 at 06:55:48PM +0900, Tomohiro KUBOTA wrote:
> However, I have one concern.  Debconf is one of softwares which is
> used in early stage of Debian installation.  Thus, Debconf should
> not depend on many/large packages/data.
> Encoding conversion is a relatively heavy process.  I mean, collection
> of conversion tables is large.
> I don't know if iconv (I can use "libtext-iconv-perl" package) or
> encoding conversion in gettext work well without "locales" package
> or not.  Do you have any idea?
> If it *needs*, it means that Debconf cannot use encoding conversion
> in small systems or early stage of installation.  Even in such cases,
> Debconf should work fairly good in popular locales (like ISO-8859-15
> for French and EUC-JP for Japanese).
> If it *doesn't need*, we can freely design new Debconf to use iconv
> or gettext.

If the package really needs locales, then I guess we have the following

since anyone except those who use "C" locale in fact need "locales"
package to use their national locale, we can have debconf use
libtext-iconv-perl _conditionally_ only if recoding is needed (i.e. user
uses non-UTF-8-compatible locale, which probably means anything other
than UTF8 itself or "C" locale").

This way debconf could only recommend or suggest locales (and
libtext-iconv-perl), but anyone using legacy charset locale (i.e.
iso-*, EUC-JP, ...) wold in fact need locales anyway.

One more benefit is we move UT8 transition forward :-)

Of course we would still need to force libtext-iconv-perl and locales
retrevial and installation before the reboot for people who choose a
non-"C" locale.

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