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Re: Partition tools (Re: debian-installer status -- 2002-07-29)

* Junichi Uekawa wrote:

| It might be nice to automate the not-yet-uploaded package
| detection, and compile them all, and other thing...

I'm not sure.  I don't like «build all packages and upload» is a good
idea.  However, if somebody extends uptodatecheck.sh with a --build I
wouldn't mindt.

* Thomas Poindessous 

| But what the original poster wanted is building cvs version of udeb, which
| are not yet in the archive. It will be nice to have a script which :
| * build cdebconf
| * install libdebconf and libdebconf-dev
| * build every udeb against current cvs libdebconf

There is no reason to build against cvs libdebconf unless the soname
changes. it's a shared library.

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