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Re: cvs commit to debian-installer/doc by porridge

Debian Boot CVS Master wrote:
> Repository: debian-installer/doc
> who:        porridge
> time:       Tue Sep 10 19:29:43 MDT 2002
> Log Message:
>   Information on d-i and base-config i18n.
>   A "bit" messy now...

   * only run cdebconf (and thus whole debian-installer) in bterm [1]
  1. Is this possible on all architectures? I mean: do all architectures
     use framebuffer?

Well my dumb terminals don't and I hope d-i can still support installs
onto headless systems using them, at least in English.

   * debconf TITLE commands aren't translated at all.

You translate these in the usual way, by making the program that tells
[c]debconf to set a title use gettext. Dunno how well that works on d-i.

see shy jo

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