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Re: Is Sarge bootable?

On Mon, Sep 09, 2002 at 08:01:18PM +0200, Claudio wrote:
> Excuse me, for my total ignorance, but i really don't know how to do 
> resolve this problem:
> i download the Sarge, all 9 cd, but i can't install it.
> I don't understand if this distribution is bootable, in first. Then, when i 
> try to install it using "dselect" of the Potato, i recive an error (100, 
> internal error).

We need more information to be able to help you. What architecture 
are you installing to? have you tried booting all 4 of the first 
4 CDs? have you read the installation manual (link in my .sig). 

If you want to upgrade your current potato installation, you 
don't need to boot the CD. Just make sure you have the CD as 
one of your sources for apt (in dselect, choose access method).

Then, you could just quit dselect and use

apt-get dist-upgrade

But read the release notes first to be sure none of the special 
upgrade cases applies to you.

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