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Re: translation of debian-installer messages

Ognyan Kulev wrote:
> I'm not Debian developer, but I would like to translate the messages 
> during installation of sarge to bulgarian language.  Can you tell me 
> when these message will become stable so that I can start translating?

Thanks for your kind offer.  It may be a little bit early, but on the
other side, it may be a good base for a matured Bulgarian translation
with the sarge release.

You should probably have a local copy of the entire installer source
code.  Please find instructions for it in the following file:
<http://cvs.debian.org/boot-floppies/README-CVS>, you'll have to
exchange "boot-floppies" by "debian-installer".

Once that is done, you have all templates in your local filesystem.
Use the following command to locate all directories that contain
debconf template files:

finlandia!joey(pts/11):/home/project/Debian/CVS/debian-installer> find -name templates

You'll then need to copy the english files, translate them and send
the translation to this list, unless you've requested and received
a personal :pserver:-account.

Hope the answer is comprehensive enough,


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