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Re: [d-i] RFC: eye-free installation

[Mario Lang]
> So we need some way to specific which type of hardware is used,
> preferably without any kind of visual interaction.

No idea.

> udeb->deb transition?
> This may be well known, but how are we supposed to handle
> the situation that brltty-udeb could have debconf questions answered,
> but when the install is complete, we actually would like to have the
> normal brltty .deb installed, and the questions should be 
> transfered, and not asked again.
> Or should we just not ask those at this stage?

The plan is to transfer the debconf database from the udeb environment
into the installed system.  This way the deb would get access to the
udeb answers.  This transfer mechanism is not yet implemented.

> The base install:
> Is there any modular way to specify additional packages for the
> first base install?  Because after reboot, the accessibility related
> drivers should already work.  Otherwise you reboot into darkness.

Yes, if you install from CD.  The base-installer package will look in
/cdrom/.disk/base_include, and pass the packages listed there as an
--include option to debootstrap.  It will use the content of
/cdrom/.disk/base_exclude and pass the info using --exclude.

The Skolelinux project is using this to install a few extra packages
to modify the installation system and get automatic HW detection.  I
can give you patches for the debian-cd package if you want them.

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