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Re: Problem with a GXT3000P VGA Adapter in a RS6000 (44p 170)

> Does anybody have expirience with this Graphic-Adapter ? I can't even see
> the Boot Console (over a serial Line it's ok).
> When i use the Adapter, i see two small reflections of the console with
> unreadble text. I think it is a syncronisation Problem. 
> I don't wanna use X in the moment, the text console would be enough.

We can handle GXT2000 and GXT4000 using OF FB but the GXT3000 is quite
weird, supporting it wont be simple. The GXT130P is basically a matrox
G200, its supported by both OF FB and the accelerated matrox FB.

We should put together a list of IBM cards that work (and dont work).

Note GXT4000 support is not in OF FB yet, I have a patch from Paul which
needs to be integrated.


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